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Getting a job and forging a career is a key life goal, but many of us fall at the first hurdle by failing to get an interview. Whether you're starting out, on an upwards career path or looking to change your career direction, the essential first step is to get in front of decision makers. With a small fortune of future income at stake, it pays to get professional help. We're here to certify that the help is qualified.


Demand for Resume and CV writing is booming, with the US market alone worth an estimated $380m annually. But how do clients know that they're getting genuinely expert advice and services? That's where we come in, as a body that assesses Resume and CV authors across a broad spectrum of skills, knowledge, integrity and experience.


Being an effective Resume and CV author requires a unique set of writing craft skills and an expert knowledge of the job application process. Our education approach acknowledges it is ultimately a creative process, with the author acting as the intermediary between the employer and the applicant to arrive at an optimal approach.

Online Certification and Education

All services are provided remotely and online to all parts of the world.


Our members map the local trends and share their experiences in giving clients an important edge over competing applicants for general and executive positions

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It's all about the interview, stupid

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